Website for the Brisbane International Film Festival, housing over 100+ searchable films and events.

Website Design, UX / UI
QAGOMA (Queensland Art Gallery / Gallery of Modern Art)
As their first year hosting the Brisbane International Film Festival (BIFF), QAGOMA needed a high impact, but beautifully simple website to enable users to search through and wishlist the 100+ films and events that screen over the two week long festival. Users were be able to view the films by daily schedule, A-Z and special evens and film strand. Both mobile and desktop were designed at the same time to ensure scalability. A ‘film chooser’ questionnaire to help users sift through the mountain of films and find ones that may appeal to their style and desires, giving recommendations of films based on the questionnaire.


Agency: ROMEO Digital. Developers: Michael Schmidt, Jonny Lu. Art Direction: QAGOMA.