Power Us, an interactive neon installation and donation platform for the iconic Brisbane Powerhouse

Experiential Design, Interface Design, Service Design, UX / UI
Brisbane Powerhouse
The Brisbane Powerhouse is an iconic arts venue and is surprisingly, a not-for-profit organisation. Their donations were still running through old tip jars, mostly blending into the background and being ignored by the public visiting the venue. I designed a new platform donation experience intended to attract attention and bring the Brisbane Powerhouse to life through smart neon and physical wall installations.

My Role

I was responsible for the overall art direction and design of the physical installation and design of the donation screens.

The Platform

Playing on the name of 'The Powerhouse' we crafted a message 'Power Us' through the use of flashing neon, designed to 'flicker on and off', attracting attention of passerby's. This message was displayed through a neon-lined plinth with a touch screen, placed in a prominent area of the venue in front of the physical installation to create connection.

When users progressed through the screens, they are brought on a neon-filled journey of the Powerhouse history - explaining how much they give to the public and why you should help power them. Users can select small amounts to donate, or enter their own larger amount. Then, users simply tap on the Square payment system and watch as the physical Powerhouse installation infront of them responds to the donation and comes to life.

The Installation

After a donation, a connected series of lights  flow from the donation screen through to the 3m long neon sign on the wall. The sign then changes from the 'Power Us' state and lights up the full 'Brisbane Powerhouse', dancing and flashing a series of colours.


Agency: ROMEO Digital. Strategist: Scott Esdaile. Technologists: Joel Garvey, Oscar Nicholson.