Recycle Race, a mobile game teaching users how to recycle with Containers for Change.

UX / UI Design, Game Design, Mobile Design
Containers for Change
As a part of the EKKA exhibition (a fair held in Brisbane), I designed a mini mobile game to gently teach users how to sort their recycling through the Containers for Change scheme. Using WiFi connection (Actify Live) three large screens displayed a live feed of the game action and current users high scores. The game had a 75% return rate, with an average of 5 minutes spent playing - from children through to older users.

Users sorted containers into the correct 'bins' by swiping left, right, up or down. trying to beat the time limit and compete for daily prizes. A correct swipe gained 10c (reflective of the scheme in real life), and an incorrect or slow swipe lost a life.


Agency: ROMEO Digital. Creative Director: Marco Eychenne. Development: Sam Dale, Michael Schmidt, Joel Garvey. Illustrations: Madeleine Perrin.