Cross River Rail Experience Centre, interactive touch screens to immerse visitors in the engineering feats of the project.

UX / UI, Touch Screens, Interaction Design
Cross River Rail (Queensland Government)
As a part of the new Cross River Rail project, we designed the 'Discover Centre' space in the Brisbane CBD to educate the public and schools on the engineering and benefits of the new rail line. I designed multiple interactive screens within the space, housing information from journey times, to core sample exploration and learning about engineering feats. At times a relatively dry topic, the designs aimed to distill the information in an interactive, educational and immersive manner - allowing people to learn and discover to varying depths.

The Experience Centre

The Cross River Rail experience centre is the informational and educational hub for the 6 year project being undertaken in Brisbane to build a new railway line. The centre is intended to last for the timeframe of the project, providing an immersive experience around the engineering feats undertaken within the project.

I designed the user experience and interactive screens for two of the experiences within the centre - the Discovery Table and the My Future Journey screens. I also assisted in creating user flows for the spatial design for the entire centre, designing and crafting how users would digest information and be brought on the Cross River Rail journey.

The Discovery Table

The main table in the centre housed 6 interactive screens, detailing the 5 new stations plus information on the engineering feat of digging a tunnel.


Each of the 'Stations' screens followed the same user pathway - providing information on the Origins, Past and Future of the station. The 'Origins' reflected the Indigenous heritage of the land that the station is now on via an immersive 360degree video built by Virtual Songlines. The 'Past' represented an interactive historical timeline, showing in pictures main events that have lead up to the present. Users could swipe along the timeline and select photos to learn the story behind them. The 'Future' section features multiple 360-degree photos of the Station renders, showing what the future of the area will look like for Brisbane residents.

Making a Tunnel

Making a Tunnel displayed the stories of the engineering feats that have made this project possible. Users could explore information about the project overview, artefacts that have been found in early works as well as information on the massive machinery used to drill the holes under the river.

My Future Journey Touch Screens

Centre visitors could learn about how the railway project would individually affect their communities through the 55-inch 'My Future Journey' touch screens placed on the wall. With detailed railway maps, users could free explore the new rail-route or type in their postcode to find specific information about their normal station. As the screens were positioned on the wall, accessibility requirements were important to consider to ensure that all users, including in wheelchairs, could use the screens. Key interactions, such as forms, were placed in the bottom quarter of the screen - under 1500mm from the ground.


Agency: ROMEO Digital. Creative Direction: Marco Eychenne. Development: Justin Walduck, Michael Schmidt, Chris Nowlan. Designers: Madeleine Perrin. Brand Direction: Publicis Brisbane.