Life-FI, a tech interface connecting beach-goers with life-savers on duty in multiple languages.

Website Design, Mobile Design, UX / UI
Surf Life Saving Queensland
I designed the app interface and public facing website for the new tech innovation from Romeo, Life-Fi. Life-Fi connects beach goers with life-savers on duty at Australian beaches, delivering beach conditions and live updates in multiple languages. I designed the interface for the app portal, as well as the informative campaign website for those not currently at the beach.


The Life-FI interface design won Silver for UX Design in the Brisbane Advertising and Design awards, a Green Good Design award in the social impact category, as well as a Webby Honoree and finalist in the AGDA awards.

The Portal

The Life-Fi portal is accessed by connecting to the free beach wifi. On connecting, Life-Fi automatically detects the phone language settings and confirms that is the language desired to continue in. Once selected, users can see important beach safety messages in their own language and learn more about keeping safe at the beach. The main home screen has multiple states depending on the status of the beach, for example when the beach is open, closed or when there are RIPS flowing in specific directions. When designing for this home screen it was important to consider visuals which displayed open, caution and closed messages clearly and visually outside of using language and text by using illustrations. The 4 key messages are always kept above the fold on phones so they are clear and accessible at all times.

The Life-Fi portal uses universal design languages to assist in recognition of beach conditions.

Surf life savers can easily update conditions with their control panel.

Universal language design.

Specific information for the direction of sweeping currents on the beach

The Website

I also designed the informational website for the product, informing the public about how it works and the benefits of the technology.


Agency: ROMEO Digital. Tech director: Joel Garvey, Oscar Nicholson. Creative Director: Marco Eychenne. Development: Michael Schmidt, Jonny Lu, Joel Garvey.